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ZX 090 Kakutou’ou King Tiger


 ZX090u Card No.: ZX-090
Kakutou’ou King Tiger

(King Tiger the Battle Monarch)

Power Level: 13

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Saikouin Mako <age 25>
Race: Beastkin <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Byakko House: Homeroom Teacher
Artifact: Ko’outai (Tiger King Belt) “Kokuu-Bosatsu” <Byakko Attribute>
Spirit: Kotetsu
Abilities: Muscular Growth, Muscular Hardening
He’s the main instructor for the Byakko House. He’s also the young leader of the noble Saikouin Family bloodline. This passionate brawler highly values great effort and willpower, and apparently does professional wrestling as a hobby.
King Tiger: “A man’s ultimate weapon is his own body! We can take anyone on even without using Artifacts! Right, Kouya!?”

Kouya: “OSU (Yes, sir)!!!”

<Story: Part 48>

Ken used his menacing reflection abilities to take down Chairman Reiga before making Kai his next target. Against Kai, however, Ken never stood a chance.

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