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ZX 087 Eileen the Romantic Huntress


 ZX087u Card No.: ZX-087
Eileen the Romantic Huntress
Power Level: 8

Battle Potential: C-Class

Full Name: Aida Rinko <age 20>
Race: Dragonoid <Female>
Affiliation: Member of the Adventurers’ Guild “Märchen”
Artifact: Koiyumi (Love Bow) “Tokimeki” <Seiryuu Attribute>
Spirit: Lunlun
Ability: Airflow Manipulation
Kizary’s partner and lover. Having known each other since their school days, these two crazy lovebirds are always seen working together as a team.
Eileen: “Massive magical energy is leaking out from deep in the ruins! I’m so scared…!”

Kizary: “Relax, honey! I’m right here with you!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Both Chairman Phoenix and Headmaster Gai have suffered grave wounds, but it looks like they managed to survive!”

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Translations by Smash Spirit
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