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ZX 085 Ginbei the Head Butler


 ZX085u Card No.: ZX-085
Ginbei the Head Butler

(Shitsujichou Ginbei)

Power Level: 2

Battle Potential: D-Class

Full Name: Ibushi Ginbei <age 60>
Race: Wingfolk <Male>
Affiliation: Head Butler of the Hou’ouin Household
Treasures: Old faded pictures of his friends during their adventures
Partner (Master): Hou’ouin Reiga
Special Technique: Super Aesthetic Sense Gaze “the Ginbei Eye”
This man served as butler to the Hou’ouin Family since before Kanato was born. In his younger years, he traveled through Gekai on many adventures together with his master Reiga and Kanato’s parents.
<The Head Butler’s Testimony>

“‘When Master Reiga was attacked by a horde of Gekaijuu, he regrettably used Master Kanato’s parents as decoys to lure the monsters away.’ This is what Master Kanato misunderstands as the truth, but what really happened was completely different. It was a young Master Kanato who accidentally wandered into a Gekaijuu’s den; Master Reiga rushed in alone to try and save him. Master Kanato’s parents, who arrived later, took the full blow of the Gekaijuu’s attack to shield Master Reiga. Bearing witness to his parents and their closest friend pushing and shoving each other, Master Kanato must have assumed they were fighting with each other. Because of this accident, Master Kanato’s parents passed away, and Master Reiga lost half of his body. Master Reiga concealed this truth from everyone because he was only thinking of what was best for Master Kanato….”

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Translations by Smash Spirit
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