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ZX 084 Phoenix Reiga


 ZX084u Card No.: ZX-084
Phoenix Reiga
Power Level: 17 (and dropping?)

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Hou’ouin Reiga <age 48>
Race: Human <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy’s Chairman of the Board
Artifact: Ougon Kamen (Golden Mask) “Izanagi” <Kirin Attribute>
Partner (Adopted Son): Hou’ouin Kanato
Ability: Nuclear Explosion
A top-class Factor who boasts the strongest attack power. He lost half of his body due to a past incident; to compensate for this, he fuses with his Spirit to maintain proper physical functions.
<From Kanato’s Personal Journal>

Hou’ouin Reiga and I are not really father and son. My real parents lost their lives while travelling on adventures with Reiga. But I know the truth. Mom and Dad didn’t die because of some unfortunate accident; Reiga murdered them! Taking care of me as a foster father was only his way of hiding his guilt, I’m sure of it. I will give Reiga the proper punishment he deserves! I will not take his life. Instead, I shall destroy his reputation, and all the authority and honor he’s built up until now! Only then will my revenge be complete!!

Reiga: “I won’t make any excuses. As a loving parent, my only job is to stop my son’s violent streak with everything I have!”

ZX 084 Phoenix Reiga (Another Version)

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