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ZX 082 Tokkou-Banchou Edge


 ZX082u Card No.: ZX-082
Tokkou-Banchou Edge

(Kamikaze Bancho Edge)

Power Level: 13

Battle Potential: B-Class

Full Name: Nitta Eiji <age 16>
Race: Dragonoid <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Suzaku House: 1st Year Student
Artifact: Enshitsu (Flame Comb) “Kushinada,” Arms Mode <Suzaku Attribute>
Partner (Close Friend): Kai the Asura King of Wisdom
Ability: Butchigiri Jigokuhen (“Buddha’s Blood Slash: Hellish Form”)
“Spirit Arms” Activate: Weapon Change! Edge’s friendship with Kai has ignited a great flame to his hotblooded spirit. Edge charges into the battlefield with a new dual sword style, wielding the Blade of Darkness “Ankokuken”!
Edge: “This battlefield is the Manly Warrior Edge’s great stage! Behold this Dragonoid dandy’s rogue style and burn it into your eyes!!”
<Story: Part 44>

“Come and stop me if you can,” Kanato whispered to Kai before quietly leaving the scene. The next day after the incident, neither Kanato nor Ken could be found anywhere on campus….

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