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ZX 081 Kouyoku-Seiten Kiriko


 ZX081u Card No.: ZX-081
Kouyoku-Seiten Kiriko

(Lightwing Celestial Kiriko)

Power Level: 14

Battle Potential: S-Class

Full Name: Nanjouin Kiriko <age 16>
Race: Wingfolk <Female>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Suzaku House: 1st Year Student
Artifact: Entsui (Flame Hammer) “Tajikarano’o,” Arms Mode <Suzaku Attribute>
Partner (Close Friend): Kai the Asura King of Wisdom
Ability: Musou Kaengeki (“Phantasm Flames”)
“Spirit Arms” Activate: Gigantic Change! Kiriko’s love for Kai let her daily efforts blossom into a new level of power. Spreading her legendary shining “Lightwings,” she valiantly protects her friends!
Kiriko: “It’s only natural that I give my all for my classmates! I’m the Class President, after all!!”
<Story: Part 43>

Kanato, now a ZX-Factor, calmly revealed to Kai his true intentions: Kanato will use his newfound abilities to complete his own quest for vengeance… by annihilating Phoenix Academy! Kai could only stare in blank amazement at the sudden turn of events.

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Translations by Smash Spirit
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