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ZX 074 Masquerade Ken


 ZX074u Card No.: ZX-074
Masquerade Ken
Power Level: 15

Battle Potential: S-Class

Full Name: Tsurugi Ken <age 16>
Race: Human <Male>
Artifact: Suikoken (Water Margin Blade) “Hiruko” <Genbu Attribute>
Partner (Master): Kanato the Prince of Destruction
Ability: Ability Reflector
As Kanato’s sole accomplice, Ken is the true identity behind “Death Masquerade.” His reflective ability makes him virtually invincible against all projectile attacks.
Masquerade Ken: “Your most powerful attacks have become your worst enemies…. Factors who have super-strong abilities tend to depend on those powers far too much, and that is their biggest weakness.”
<Story: Part 40>

A now powerless Headmaster falls to the ground, revealing his attacker who stood behind him… Student Council President Kanato, coated in Gai’s blood, now had the Bondstone in his grasp! To make matters worse, he also had Rienseki (the Severing Stone) and Ketsuenseki (the Fusion Stone) in his possession! Kanato then moved to use the other two jewels’ powers on Kai.

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