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ZX 072 Hakai-Ouji Kanato


 Image1065 Card No.: ZX-072
Hakai-Ouji Kanato

(Kanato, Prince of Destruction)

Power Level: 30

Battle Potential: SS-Class

Full Name: Hou’ouin Kanato <age 18>
Race: ZX-Factor <Male>
Treasures: Rienseki (Severing Stone), Ketsuenseki (Fusion Stone), Sesshouseki (Bondstone)
Fused with: Izuna the Fair Adamant Ninetailed Fox
Ability: World’s End (Time Stop)
Stealing the Bondstone for himself, the Student Council President has achieved his ultimate evolution into a ZX-Factor. Kanato aims to get his revenge against his foster father Reiga by destroying Phoenix Academy….
Kanato: “How unfortunate, Kai. I had thought we were kindred spirits, but I suppose I was wrong….”

Kai: “No, Mr. Kanato, you and I have a lot in common….”

<Story: Part 38>

Satisfied with the results of his son’s growth, Headmaster Gai intended to return the Bondstone to its rightful owner Kai. Gai hid the location of the Bondstone by sealing it away inside of his own body.

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