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ZX 071 Ekou-Sennyo Yagokoro Satori


 ZX071u Card No.: ZX-071
Ekou-Sennyo Yagokoro Satori

(Yagokoro Satori, Brilliant Fairy of Wisdom)

Power Level: 12

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Yagokoro Satori
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Female>
Artifact: Madousho (Magic Grimoire) “Omoikane” <Kirin Attribute>
Burst Released from: Satori
Ability: Change the Course of the Future
Satori, the Spirit of the Magic Grimoire, has “Spirit Burst” Evolved into a goddess of destiny. Interfering with the natural flow of Cause and Effect, she has the power to alter the course of events that are yet to happen.
<Ruruie’s Notes>

“Headmaster Gai has the Bondstone in his possession”… “Kai is the Headmaster’s son”… “Kai has the blood of both Human and Spirit flowing in his veins”…. Of course, I knew everything from the very beginning. In fact, the very reason Kai was able to use other people’s Artifacts was because he was a “Spirit Halfling.” Since he himself is part Spirit, he could align with any Artifact as a Spirit. The other Spirits, instinctually seeing that technically Kai too is another Spirit, end up developing a sense of affinity with Kai without realizing it, and thus allow him to use their Artifacts. He’s like a toy you could never get tired of looking at! I’m sensing some pretty bad signs for the near future, though… It seems that Kai’s victory over his parents won’t result in a happy ending… Perhaps it’s time I take things into my own hands….

ZX 071 Ekou-Sennyo Yagokoro Satori (Another Version)

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