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ZX 070 Ashuraou Kai


 Image1031 Card No.: ZX-070
Ashuraou Kai

(Asura King Kai)

Power Level: 20

Battle Potential: S-Class

Full Name: Koumyouji Kai <age 16>
Race: Human/Spirit Halfbreed <Male>
Affiliation: Homura Clan
Artifact: Rikudouken (Six Paths Fists) “Asura,” Arms Mode <Kirin Attribute>
Partners (Parents): Shining Baron Gai, Sasara Myou’ou
Ability: Ashura Shinken (Divine Fist of Asura) “Ahura Mazda”
“Spirit Arms,” Activate! In response to the love he felt from both his parents during their battle, Kai unleashes the ultimate technique through every fiber of his being!!
Kai: “All of my anger and hatred has vanished…. Behold! This is every inch of power I have gained up to now!!”

Gai & Sasara Myou’ou: “Very well done, son… Now you are the true master of the Bondstone…!”

<Story: Part 37>

Sparing few words, Headmaster Gai rushes into Kai with assault after relentless assault. And in the midst of this destined duel, Kai would soon learn the secret truth behind his birth: that he is actually a half-breed whose mother is a Spirit…!!

ZX 070 Ashuraou Kai (Another Version)


ZX 070 Ashuraou Kai (Stamping)

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Translations by Smash Spirit
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