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ZX 067 Gekishin-Kyozou Ganeisha


 ZX067u Card No.: ZX-067
Gekishin-Kyozou Ganeisha

(Ganeisha, Rumbling Giant Elephant)

Power Level: 14

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Mahal Ganeisha
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Male>
Artifact: Gouretsuken (Fierce Blade) “Kangiten” <Byakko Attribute>
Burst Released from: Mahal
Ability: Earth-Splitting Fault
Mahal, the Spirit of the Fierce Blade, has “Spirit Burst” Evolved into a divine messenger of love. He can cause severe earthquakes within a specific limited range.
Mahiru: “Kai!! You betrayed Kouya’s trust! He may forgive you, but you won’t get any mercy from me!!!”

Ganeisha: “It’s time I taught you the greatness that is the power of affection! LOVE & PEACE!!”

<Story: Part 35>

…Until assistance came in the form of all members of the Amagahara team and three of Kai’s classmates, that is! They held back the Student Council long enough to send Kai off to his goal.

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