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ZX 065 Kyouka-Shouran Hanahime Kaguya


 ZX065u Card No.: ZX-065
Kyouka-Shouran Hanahime Kaguya

(Hanahime Kaguya the Abundant Blossom)

Power Level: 15

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Hanahime Kaguya
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Female>
Artifact: Kachousen (Blossom Butterfly Fan) “Konoha-Sakuya” <Seiryuu Attribute>
Burst Released from: Kaguya
Ability: Poison Mist Spray
Kaguya, the Spirit of the Blossom Butterfly Fan, has “Spirit Burst” Evolved into a divine princess of hundreds of flowers. She has a wide array of abilities that allow her to use both the poisonous and medicinal attributes of all plant life in countless applications.
Shizuka: “Kai… Just as I thought, he truly is a despicable bastard…!”

Hanahime Kaguya: “You think so? He doesn’t look like a bad person… I can’t explain why exactly, but I feel a sense of affinity with him.”

<Story: Part 33>

After defeating Team Amagahara, Kai finally made it to the doors of the Headmaster’s office, but by then his worn-out body had reached close to the limit of exhaustion….

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