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ZX 062 Choujinki Great Pulsion


 ZX062u Card No.: ZX-062
Choujinki Great Pulsion

(Great Pulsion, Superhuman Demon)

Power Level: 10

Battle Potential: B-Class

Full Name: Great Pulsion
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Male>
Artifact: Engyoku (Flame Jewel) “Kongou-Niou” <Suzaku Attribute>
Burst Released from: Pulsion
Ability: Bursting Punch
Pulsion, the Spirit of the Flame Jewel, has “Spirit Burst” Evolved into this superpowered flame mech. Ruling over “Agyou,” the Open-Mouth Ah Form of the Beginning, he unleashes a heat blast that elevates the strength and morale of his allies.
Rurimaru: “Let’s go, Pulsion! It’s time to show Kai just how much stronger I’ve grown!”

Great Pulsion: “We’ll keep on challenging him until he can’t take it anymore!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“The super-strong technique ‘Spirit Arms’ fuses the Spirit together with its Artifact, thus giving the Factor direct access to the Spirit’s special abilities!”

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