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ZX 058 Hayato the Racer


 ZX058u Card No.: ZX-058
Hayato the Racer

(Hashiriya Hayato)

Power Level: 4

Battle Potential: C-Class

Full Name: Nagaremichi Hayato <age 18>
Race: Wingfolk <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Suzaku House: 2nd Year Student
Artifact: Enka (Flame Shoes) “Hayatemaru” <Suzaku Attribute>
Spirit: Fal
Ability: Flame Manipulation
A man of high spirits who devotes everything to running. He gets so crazily focused on racing that he’s constantly losing school credits due to skipping out on so many of his classes.
Hayato: “This is my chance to get some credits back, maybe even finally get promoted to a higher class level! Don’t think you can get away from me and my speed!”

Kai: “Man, you’re slow… You couldn’t catch up to me, even if your life depended on it!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“It appears the true relationship between Kai and the Headmaster is a secret known only to a select few: Chairman Phoenix, Vice Principal Kyoushirou, and Kirin Professor Magna!”

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