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ZX 055 Lupen


 ZX055u Card No.: ZX-055
Power Level: 5

Battle Potential: C-Class

Full Name: Kagami Ichirou <age 39>
Race: Wingfolk <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Kirin House: 3rd Year Student
Artifact: Kousha Kakudaikyou (Raybeam Magnifying Glass) “Akechi” <Kirin Attribute>
Spirit: Kogorou
Ability: Luminescence
A senior who has repeated the same school year the most number of times in the Academy. As he is older than many of the homeroom teachers on campus, he often gets annoyed that some students confuse him for being another teacher.
Lupen: “If I defeat you, I could finally get qualified to graduate! I have nothing against you, but get ready to fight!”

Kai: “You have no chance of beating me! You might as well give up on graduation!!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“It turns out that ever since Kai first enrolled in the Academy, Headmaster Gai went into hiding away from public eyes!”

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