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ZX 053 Hellspawn Gargoyle


 ZX053u Card No.: ZX-053
Hellspawn Gargoyle
Power Level: 8

Battle Potential: D-Class

Race: Artificial Lifeform
Habitat: Yamato City
Treasure: Talisman Stone
Partner (Master): Kyoushirou the Reaper
Special Attack: Demon Claw Slash
This statue, used to ward off evil spirits, was given temporary life through the power of Kyoushirou’s Artifact. Obeying the commands of his master, he cooperates with the other Academy students in their mission to demolish Kai.
Kyoushirou: “The faculty is not supposed to get involved with this request… But I’ll send this minor ordeal your way, just this once.”

Hellspawn Gargoyle: “Target acquired! Commencing attack on Homura Kai!”

<Story: Part 31>

Having now officially resigned from his position in Amagahara, Kai gave a declaration of war against all students, revealing his true goals of taking down Headmaster Gai and taking back the Bondstone by force.

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