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ZX 052 Shinigami Kyoushirou


 ZX052u Card No.: ZX-052
Shinigami Kyoushirou

(Kyoushirou the Reaper)

Power Level: 15

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Aizen Kyoushirou <age 41>
Race: Daemon <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy Vice Principal
Artifact: Yomotsukama (Hades Scythe) “Izanami” <Kirin Attribute>
Spirit: Yomi
Abilities: Animating the Inanimate, Resurrecting the Dead
As the vice principal of Phoenix Academy, he is essentially Headmaster Gai’s right-hand man. He is often teased as being the incarnation of the Grim Reaper due to his fearsome expression, but he’s really a kind man with a tender heart.
Kyoushirou: “Wonderful! Nothing less expected from your son, sir. But I must ask… Is going this far really necessary…?”

Gai: “There’s no need for concern. Use everything in your power to pulverize Kai!”

<Story: Part 30>

When the sudden report spread, Kai secretly met up with Karin in the outskirts of Yamato City. There, he returned the Artifact he borrowed to Karin, telling her that he anticipated something like this would happen.

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