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ZX 051 Rikudou-Kishin Mahara Ryuuki


 ZX051u Card No.: ZX-051
Rikudou-Kishin Mahara Ryuuki

(Mahara Ryuuki, Fierce Deity of the Six Paths)

Power Level: 18

Battle Potential: S-Class

Full Name: Mahara Ryuuki
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Male>
Artifact: Rikudouken (Six Paths Fist) “Asura” <Kirin Attribute>
Burst Released from: Ryuuki
Ability: Ashura Shinken: Dairoku Tenmaou (“Divine Fist of Asura: Sixth Deva King”)
Ryuuki, the Spirit of the Six Paths Fists, has “Spirit Burst” Evolved into a devil of light. He has the power to greatly increase the speed of not just himself, but of anything around him!
Mahara Ryuuki: “At last, my turn has come! For your sake, Kai, I’ll gladly unleash my full strength! And now, it’s time you open your eyes and ears to the truth… The real truth of what happened thirteen years ago…!”
<Story: Part 29>

The announcement even had a direct order from the Headmaster to all students: find Kai and punish him through any and all means necessary. In an instant, Kai became Phoenix Academy’s number one enemy.

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