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ZX 049 Homura Kenryuusai


 ZX049u Card No.: ZX-049
Homura Kenryuusai
Power Level: 12

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Homura Genji <age 67>
Race: Human <Male>
Affiliation: Elder Chief of the Homura Clan
Weapon: Houryuu Ittsui no Ken (“Phoenix-Dragon Pair Blades”)
Gave Commands to: Kai the Fist of Six Paths
Special Skills: Homura Style Martial Arts, Telepathy
This is Kai’s martial arts master who raised him as his foster parent. Kenryuusai was once feared as the greatest swordmaster in the world, but he has retired from action these days.
<Extra Story: The Homura Clan and Kai’s Mission>

Hidden away from civilization, in a remote location deep within Gekai, there exists a secret group of people that have for countless generations devoted their lives to protecting the legendary jewel known as Sesshouseki, the Bondstone. This group, of which Kai is a member, is called “the Homura Clan.” Thirteen years ago, however, two criminals stole the Bondstone and deserted the hidden village. The culprits were none other than Kai’s birth parents, Gai and Sara. Gai, who was once praised as the Homura Clan’s greatest hero, became their worst enemy, and since the clan had suffered a long period of going into decline, there were very few clan members that could even truly be called “warriors,” much less stand a chance against Gai. After the incident, a young Kai, the son the criminals left behind, felt he should take responsibility for his family’s disgrace, and came forward to accept the mission to recover the Bondstone. After training for many years to become the strongest warrior in the clan, Kai left on a journey to exact his vengeance upon his father and mother…!

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Translations by Smash Spirit
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