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ZX 047 Mecha Warlord Michaela


 ZX047au Card No.: ZX-047
Mecha Warlord Michaela

(Senjinki Mikaera)

Power Level: 18

Battle Potential: S-Class

Full Name: Michaela Parthenos
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Female>
Artifact: Enbakusa (Flaming Chains) “Marishiten” <Suzaku Attribute>
Burst Released from: Parthenon
Abilities: Shien Mekkyaku (“Scorching Destroyer Kick”)
Parthenon, the Spirit of the Flaming Chains, “Spirit Burst” Evolves into this form, a cyber-deity of flame. She stands as the highest and most powerful of all Suzaku Spirits identified at present.
<An Excerpt from Marion’s Reports: “Investigation on Homura Kai”>

“I have recently discovered that Kai possesses the ‘Dual Ability,’ the power to effectively use more than one Artifact at the same time. Past research records report on the confirmed existence of Artifacts that have this ‘Dual Ability,’ so I can easily reason that Kai also has an Artifact similar to those reports hidden away somewhere. However, the ‘Dual Ability’ can only be made available depending on the Artifact the Factor is bonded with. The fact that Kai can use another person’s Artifact without any repercussions should be impossible. That would mean that he can wield an Artifact without having to forge a contract with it first. To start with, a contract is an ancient ritual that lets a Factor and a Spirit synchronize and tune their minds and bodies with each other. In other words, Kai is a ‘special Factor’ that can tune and synchronize his own body and soul, and then directly connect with any Spirit without the use of the Contract Ritual… A truly interesting specimen, indeed.”

ZX 047 Mecha Warlord Michaela (Another Version)

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