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ZX 045 Emerius the Golden Dragon


 ZX045hu Card No.: ZX-045
Emerius the Golden Dragon

(Ougonryuu Emeriusu)

Power Level: 20

Battle Potential: D-Class

Race: Gekaijuu
Habitat: Underground Ruins
Treasures: Rienseki (Severing Stone), Ketsuenseki (Fusion Stone)
Rivals: Team Amagahara
Special Attack: Kishin Seikouha (“Holy Sovereign’s Radiance”)
He is the underground ruins’ master, and is enshrined in the deepest parts of the ruins. This legendary Gekaijuu is said to possess mystical hidden treasures according to Yamato City’s ancient archives.
Emerius: “Be destroyed, Children of Man… Disturbing my slumber shall cost you your lives!!!”

Kanato: “The legendary Golden Dragon… To think that it actually exists…!”

<Story: Part 25>

One by one, Kai’s allies fell before the mighty Dragon’s fearsome power. Once Itsuki spent up all his power, he lent his Artifact to Kai before he, too, fell in defeat.

ZX 045 Emerius the Golden Dragon (Stamping)

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