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ZX 044 Guardian Beast Bargazal


 ZX044u Card No.: ZX-044
Guardian Beast Bargazal

[Shugojuu (Gaadian) Barugazaru]

Power Level: 18

Battle Potential: D-Class

Race: Gekaijuu
Habitat: Underground Ruins
Treasure: Ancient Supermetal “Hihiirokane”
Rivals: Team Amagahara
Special Attack: Ankoku Shinmeishou (“Roaring Darkness Thrust”)
A giant Gekaijuu that guards the entrance to the underground ruins. His tough outer shell completely intercepts all normal physical attacks.
Bargazal: “All intruders shall be eliminated….”

Karin: “Don’t get flustered! If we channel all our strength together, there’s no enemy we can’t defeat!”

<Story: Part 24>

The fight was brutal, but the Amagahara Expedition Team somehow managed to drive the Guardian Beast away. Soon afterwards, however, they were assaulted by a Golden Dragon, the master of the ruins.

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