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ZX 043 Seagal


 IMG_0044 Card No.: ZX-043


Power Level: 8

Battle Potential: D-Class

Race: Gekaijuu
Habitat: Gekai <River Basins>
Treasure: Bone-Shaped Coral
Rivals: Mahiro the Icy Moonlight, Kai the Bursting Flame
Special Attack: Hound Dive
An amphibian monster that suddenly appeared in Rokkakugawa River. This Gekaijuu does not naturally live anywhere near Yamato City, so where could it have come from…?
Seagal: “Grrr…. Something… smells… tasty…!”

Mahiro: “Is that the underground waterway? It looks like this creature came here through this passage… Let’s chase after it, Kai!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Both Rienseki the Severing Stone and Ketsuenseki the Fusion Stone can only be used once; after that, they apparently lose all of their abilities!”

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Translations by Smash Spirit
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