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ZX 039 Uokai no Ruu


 IMG_0040 Card No.: ZX-039
Uokai no Ruu

(Uokai Shopkeeper Roo)

Power Level: 3

Battle Potential: D-Class

Full Name: Kanga Ruu <age 37>
Race: Beastkin <Male>
Affiliation: Shopkeeper of the “Uokai” (Fish of the Sea) Fish Market
Tool: Sashimi Knife “Unabara-Jirou”
Commissioned: Mahiro the Icy Moonlight, Kai the Bursting Flame
Special Skill: High Speed Fish Filleting
This fish market master is troubled for he can’t do proper business with all these monsters settling in the Rokkakugawa River. So, he requests the Amagahara Group to exterminate the vermin.
Roo: “With all the monsters around, I can’t catch a single fish! At this rate, my shop will go out of business! Please help!”

Mahiro: “I sense an unpleasant aura around this request….”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Just as all elemental magic has strengths, they also have weaknesses. Seiryuu magic decreases the power of Kirin magic, Kirin has an advantage over Genbu, Genbu weakens Suzaku, Suzaku weakens Byakko, and Byakko weakens Seiryuu!”

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