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ZX 037 Cozy Hotter


 IMG_0038 Card No.: ZX-037
“Cozy Hotter”
Power Level: 3

Battle Potential: D-Class

Full Name: Hotta Kouji <age 42>
Race: Wingfolk <Male>
Affiliation: Miner, Yamato Coal Mines
Tool: Super Drill “Doryuu Ichigou” (The Mole, Unit-01)
Commissioned: Itsuki the Lightning Blade, Kai the Bursting Flame
Special Skill: High Speed Open-Air Mining
A digging specialist who works in the mines within Gekai. Leaving his wife and daughter behind at home, he both works and lives at the mines.
Hotter: “Thanks to these strange monsters, we’ll have to work overtime today, too!”

Itsuki: “Please leave it to us, Mr. Hotter! Kai, this will be our first co-op mission together, so don’t be too harsh on me!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Izuna never shows her form to anyone except for Kai. Not even the Spirit Gaen knows of Izuna’s existence!”

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