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ZX 035 Taiyou-Ouji Kanato


 IMG_0036 Card No.: ZX-035
Taiyou-Ouji Kanato

(Solar Prince Kanato)

Power Level: 12

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Hou’ouin Kanato <age 18>
Race: Human <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Kirin House: 3rd Year Student
Artifact: Taiyouken (Solar Blade) “Amaterasu” <Kirin Attribute>
Spirit: Kamui
Abilities: Luminescence, Gravity Manipulation
He’s the friendly Student Council President who’s willing to help Kai out in anything. Anxious to find out the true extent of Kai’s power, he requests the students of Amagahara to go on an expedition to explore some underground ruins.
Kanato: “Kai, for the Academy to truly accept your group, you must aim for greater accomplishments! Normally, this is a task reserved for the Student Council, but I would like to request you guys to go on a ruins expedition under my supervision.”
<Story: Part 22>

After Kai returned to the Academy with news of his findings, Student Council President Kanato gave him a new commission: an unofficial ruins expedition.

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