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ZX 033 Gouretsuken Mahiru


 IMG_0034 Card No.: ZX-033
Gouretsuken Mahiru

(Mahiru the Fierce Blade)

Power Level: 9

Battle Potential: B-Class

Full Name: Hinata Mahiru <age 17>
Race: Beastkin <Female>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Byakko House: 2nd Year Student
Artifact: Gouretsuken (Fierce Blade) “Kangiten” <Byakko Attribute>
Spirit: Mahal
Abilities: Physical Strength Boost, Mountain Range Manipulation
This student serves as the treasurer of the Phoenix Academy Student Council. Mahiru and Kouya from Amagahara are ex-boyfriend-and-girlfriend, but she still holds lingering affections for him.
Mahiru: “One’s own emotions and feelings are the most important! I don’t care about upholding some organization’s reputation.”

Kouya: “If you’re gonna be part of the Student Council, you should take better care of those around you.”

<Story: Part 20>

In one of his missions with fellow student Mahiro, Kai discovered a strange underground waterway at the base of Rokkakugawa, the hexagon-shaped river that surrounds Yamato City.

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