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ZX 032 Shien-Seiten Maito


 IMG_0033 Card No.: ZX-032
Shien-Seiten Maito

(Maito, Celestial of Four Flames)

Power Level: 10

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Nanjouin Kaito <age 17>
Race: Wingfolk <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Suzaku House: 2nd Year Student
Artifact: Enkin (Lyre of Flames) “Ame-no-Uzume” <Suzaku Attribute>
Spirit: Dancestar
Abilities: Flaming Body, Melting Matter
This student serves as the secretary of the Phoenix Academy Student Council. Bearing the rare genes for both four wings and wings of fire, this child prodigy is the eldest son of the Nanjouin Family.
Maito: “So you must be Kai? I’ve heard about you from Kiriko. Indeed, you are a suitable match for my good-for-nothing failure of a little sister….

Kai: “Correction… Our Class President is no failure!”

<Story: Part 19>

And so the Spring Semester passed as Yamato City headed into Summer. Kai was swamped with so many requests and missions from his new job at Amagahara that he spent most of his summer days without doing anything towards his original objective.

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