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ZX 030 Kaitou-Ranma Onimusha Bontenmaru


 IMG_0031 Card No.: ZX-030
Kaitou-Ranma Onimusha Bontenmaru

(Onimusha Bontenmaru, Stormblade Demon Warrior)

Power Level: 12

Battle Potential: B-Class

Full Name: Onimusha Bontenmaru
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Male>
Artifact: Shinkuu Kabuto (Hollow Helmet) “Masamune” <Seiryuu Attribute>
Burst Released from: Bontenmaru
Abilities: Vortex Shredder
Bontenmaru, the Spirit of the Hollow Helmet, “Spirit Burst” Evolves into this form, a single-eyed daredevil warrior in azure armor. Able to freely move the winds, he sends forth vacuum waves through the air to slice through his enemies.
Onimusha Bontenmaru: “You dare believe that a mere Suzaku that can only fling embers could possibly stand a chance against an infinitely versatile Seiryuu Musha?!”
<Waferman’s Factoids>

“The Spirits and the Factors who force contracts with them are united in body and soul; they even suffer each other’s wounds in battle…!”

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