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ZX 024 Ginrou no Kouya


 ZX024u Card No.: ZX-024
Ginrou no Kouya

(Kouya the Silver Wolf)

Power Level: 13
Battle Potential: A-Class
Full Name: Kohakudou Kouya <age 18>
Race: Beastkin <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Byakko House: 3rd Year Student
Artifact: Ginsenfu (Silver Battle Axe) “Amatsumara” <Byakko Attribute>
Spirit: Suzushiro
Abilities: Muscular Hardening, Steel Creation
The vice leader of the Amagahara Campus General Store. As a very proud Wolf Beastkin, he is rumored to be the best in the Academy in physical hand-to-hand combat.
Kouya: “So you’re the guy Karin recognized… I see, nice expression! So, it’s the long-awaited arrival of a new comrade!”

Kai: “Hey, back off! I never said anything about becoming friends right away!”

<Story: Part 14>

Kai and Itsuki’s duel lasted for a full day and night. At the end of the long, grueling battle, it was the lower classman Kai who achieved victory.

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