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ZX 022 Bakuen no Kai


 Image0116 Card No.: ZX-022
Bakuen no Kai

(Kai the Bursting Flame)

Power Level: 10

Battle Potential: S-Class

Full Name: Homura Kai <age 16>
Race: Human <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Suzaku House: 1st Year Student
Artifact: En’ouken (Flameking Blade) “Hi-no-Kagutsuchi” <Suzaku Attribute>
Spirit: Gaen
Abilities: Ignition, Flame Manipulation
The Irregular Factor who is able to use Karin’s Artifact as his own. This special ability still has many secrets below the surface….
Kai: “Let’s go, Gaen! Spirit Burst! Show me your true power!!”
<Story: Part 12>

Kai and Itsuki attempt to discuss the situation, but their incompatible personalities only served to further deepen the trench between them.

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Translations by Smash Spirit
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