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ZX 021 Soushin-Raiki Shidenryuu


 Image0115 Card No.: ZX-021
Soushin-Raiki Shidenryuu

(Azure Voltfiend Shidenryuu)

Power Level: 15

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Shidenryuu
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Male>
Artifact: Raiouken (Thunderking Blade) “Takemikazuchi” <Seiryuu Attribute>
Burst Released from: Shiden
Abilities: Lightning Summoning
Shiden, the Spirit of the Thunderking Blade, evolved through “Spirit Burst” into this form, a sword deity of lightning. He slices through everything with his high voltage blade attacks.
Shidenryuu: “To think the day would come when I would fight you in this form… How ironic, Gaen.”
<Story: Part 11>

Karin, having been seriously injured from the assault earlier, lost consciousness and was forced to take a long absence. Itsuki suspected that Kai was the culprit responsible.

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