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ZX 013 Mr. Onigon


 Image0099 Card No.: ZX-013
Mr. Onigon
Power Level: 5

Battle Potential: D-Class

Full Name: Kido Goutarou <age 45>
Race: Dragonoid <Male>
Affiliation: Yamato City Security Guard, Commander
Artifact: Enbou (Flame Baton) “Onihei” <Suzaku Attribute>
Spirit: Ittetsu
Abilities: Flame Manipulation
A commanding officer in his prime, he is feared across the city as the “Demon Officer.” Known for his stubborn disposition, he leads his subordinates with strict discipline.
Onigon: “A man with a gold mask and a coat? No one in Yamato matches that description besides Chairman Phoenix!”
<Waferman’s Factoids>

“It appears that Karin has been absent from classes for weeks because of the grave wounds she suffered from when she was assaulted earlier…”

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