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ZX 005 Headmaster Gai


 Image0079 Card No.: ZX-005
Headmaster Gai

(Gakuenchou Gai)

Power Level: 15

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Koumyouji Gai <age 46>
Race: Human <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy Headmaster
Artifact: Kikouken (Shining Fists) “Fudou-Myou’ou” <Kirin Attribute>
Spirit: Unknown
Abilities: Unknown
The Headmaster of Phoenix Academy, also known to many as “the Shining Baron,” happens to be close friends with the Chairman of the Board. Even though most students fear him, the teaching staff of the Academy consider him very reliable and trustworthy.
Headmaster Gai: “Did you say… ‘Homura’…?!”
<Story: Part 5>

Much to the surprise of everyone involved, Kai unleashed the powers of another person’s Artifact, a feat once thought to be impossible. Taking advantage of the situation, Kai successfully forced the masked assailant to retreat.

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