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ZX 003 Death Masquerade


 Image0077 Card No.: ZX-003
Death Masquerade
Power Level: ???

Battle Potential: S-Class

Name & Age Unknown
Race: Human <Male>
Artifact: Unknown (wrapped in cloth)
Target: Karin the Seraphic Blaze
Special Skills: Covert Operations, Assassin
A mysterious Factor who hides his face behind a strange mask. Taking advantage of the darkness of night, he assaulted Karin, but his true form and motive remain undisclosed….
Death Masquerade: “Ridiculous… What can you hope to accomplish with someone else’s Artifact?!”

Kai: “…Oh? Well then, let me show you something amazing….”

<Story: Part 3>

The battle between Karin and the masked man raged on, but when Karin got momentarily distracted by Kai’s sudden appearance, the masked man unleashed a deadly attack on her.

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Translations by Smash Spirit
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