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No. 35 Hyakujuu-Shougun Ortiga


[No.] 35
[Name] Hyakujuu-Shougun (General of 100 beasts) Ortiga
[Power] 9
[Race] Beast-Fang Clan
[Special Move] Dandadan (bullet-striking cut)
[Data] Though neither victorious nor defeated in the battle with the holy dragon clan, he powered up to a 100 beast general by overcoming the flames of war!
[Rival] Haganken Tesshin
“It can’t be helped. Let’s have another bout again sometime, youngster!”
Due to a secret conference between Zetsuei of the Holy Dragon Clan, and Setsuna of the Beast-Fang Clan, a truce has been made.
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Translations by Brolen (nsfw)
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