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IK C002 Onmitsu Butai Oboroshuu


 ikkiC002u Card No.: 一鬼-C002

(Crossover Collaboration Card #002)

Onmitsu Butai Oboroshuu

(“Night Mist Team,” Covert Ops Corps)

Oboroshuu (Night Mist Team) is the strongest ninja squadron in the Holydragon Clan of Seiryuu. Among this group of elite shinobi, the expert ninja Zangetsu and the intermediate ninja Izayoi are the key people considered the “core” of the squadron.
Debut Appearance: Shinrabanshou Chocolate Arc I, Chapter 3: “Enter the Four Demon Emperors of Kouma”
Illustrated by: Akatsuki Gomoku
All scans from
Translations by Smash Spirit
Shinra Bansho Choco is a property of Bandai.
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