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IK 026 Hyouketsu-Suzume the Glacial Sparrow


 ikki026u Card No.: 一鬼-026
Hyouketsu-Suzume the Glacial Sparrow
Power Level: 1
Name: Hyouketsu-Suzume (“Glacial Sparrow”)
Species: Demonbeast “Hyouketsu-Suzume”
Attribute: Ice
Special Attack: Hyouketsudan (Ice Ball)
A demonbeast whose habitat lies in Ryuujou territory. Due to their high levels of virility, Hyouketsu-Suzumes are often seen in large flocks, however the larger the flock, the lower the area’s temperature drops. These sudden temperature drops they cause often result in cold weather damage, especially to field crops; this is the main reason why farmers despise these icy sparrows with a passion.
Hyouketsu-Suzume: “Chun chun!”

Kosaku: “Uuuggh~, coooome to ruuuuiinnn myyy crrrops agaaaiin, haaave yoooou~…!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Hikari spent most of her life avoiding contact with humans, so when she suddenly met Kagato, she considered him her very first friend!”

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