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IK 025 Kaentora the Blazing Tiger


 ikki025u Card No.: 一鬼-025
Kaentora the Blazing Tiger
Power Level: 1
Name: Kaentora (“Blazing Tiger”)
Species: Demonbeast “Kaentora”
Attribute: Fire
Special Attack: Kaenmuchi (Blazing Whip)
A demonbeast whose habitat lies in Takegami territory. With its small stature, this is a sociable animal that is friendly towards humans. As long as caretakers are careful about the flames a Kaentora emits from its body, they pose very little danger. Kaentoras are an especially popular pet to raise during the Winter season.
Kaentora: “Gao gao!”

Shinsuke: “Ah! Even today, you’re as cute as ever!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Kagato never realized that his new friend Hikari is the goddess that lives in the Crystal Tower in the sky, so it seems!”

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