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IK 021 Tobikage no Yuugao


 ikki021u Card No.: 一鬼-021
Tobikage no Yuugao

(Yuugao the Flying Shadow)

Power Level: 11
Full Name: Katou Danzou
Race: Oni
Attributes: Darkness, Wood, Wind
Interested in: Shinjou Kagato
Special Attack: Gen’ei Marouken (Phantom Demon Blade)
An unidentified female ninja who goes by the alias “Yuugao.” On the surface she appears to be a shinobi working for Takegami Shingen, but she’s actually a double-agent serving Ryuujou Kenshin behind the scenes. She apparently holds a strong interest in Kagato, so she constantly prowls in his vicinity.
Yuugao: “Kagato-kun~! Ditch the training and come play with me~! I came with some interesting news!”

Kagato: “Yuugao… Just who are you…?”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Katou Danzou is the name of a well-known super ninja of legend, but apparently no one knows who he or she really is!”

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