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IK 019 Kazenin no Shimaki


 ikki019u Card No.: 一鬼-019
Kazenin no Shimaki

(Shimaki the Wind Ninja)

Power Level: 6
Full Name: Shimaki
Race: Oni
Attribute: Wind
Weapon: Ninjatou “Kasumi” (Ninja Blade “Spring Haze”)
Boss: Holy General Kenshin the Soaring Dragon
Special Attack: Soutou Shungeki (Flickering Twinblades)
This Ryuujou Clan shinobi is a master of covert operations. He’s an expert at concealing his presence and creeping up behind his enemies to ambush them.
Shimaki: “You leave yourself wide open for attack… Prepare!”

Shingen: “Gah hah hah! You’re the one who got lured out here! You’re still naive if you think you can attack my weak points!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“The ‘Fuurinkazan’ Squad came rushing to the Takegami Base in order to challenge Kenshin to battle, but everyone except Kagato fell against her in defeat!”

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