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IK 016 Edazuno no Rokumei


 ikki016u Card No.: 一鬼-016
Edazuno no Rokumei

(Rokumei the Antler Musha)

Power Level: 12
Full Name: Kakizaki Rokumei
Race: Oni
Attributes: Earth, Ice
Weapon: Kiryuutou “Tsunotachi” (Demonic Dragon Blade “Horn Cutter”)
Versus: Shizuna the Frosty Grove
Special Attack: Kensou Totsugeki (Rapid Sword Thrust)
A member of the “Daredevil Musha,” Ryuujou Clan’s Elite Four Commanders. His traditional-style sword artes are rumored to be the best among the Elite Four. Taking defensive stances that have no openings, he unleashes sword slashes at supersonic speed; the resulting shockwaves from these slashes make for effective long-distance attacks.
Rokumei: “Found you, you Takegami witch! I will punish you!”

Shizuna: “Seizing such a beautiful woman like me and then calling me a ‘witch’…?! Now you’ll know full well the price you’ll pay for making me angry!!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Kenshin is known for being a noble woman pure of heart. Even her sworn enemy Shingen shows respect for her!”

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