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IK 014 Gachirin no Hokuto


 ikki014u Card No.: 一鬼-014
Gachirin no Hokuto

(Hokuto the Full Moon)

Power Level: 12
Full Name: Usami Hokuto
Race: Oni
Attributes: Earth, Ice
Weapon: Shakujougama “Tsukimizake” (Priest’s Sickle-Staff “Moon-Viewing Rice Wine”)
Versus: Gakuto the Deep Mountain
Special Attack: Gyokuto Shuntenzan (Jade Rabbit Twister Slash)
A member of the “Daredevil Musha,” Ryuujou Clan’s Elite Four Commanders. With his sorcery and Yin-Yang elemental artes, this warrior mage bewitches his foes as he fights. Hokuto’s fighting style is a rare find within the Ryuujou Clan: he tends to be stronger when avoiding facing his enemies head on.
Hokuto: “Made a fool of by my illusionary artes, eh? You’ve lost this fight!”

Gakuto: “It is beauty that determines the battle! Those who hide their face out of spite have no chance of victory against one as handsome as I!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Kenshin has no heirs or disciples, so she is constantly in search of a potential successor worthy enough to inherit all her special techniques!”

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