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IK 010 Takegami-gun Ashigarutai


 ikki010u Card No.: 一鬼-010
Takegami-gun Ashigarutai

(Takegami Army Lightfoot Squadron)

Power Level: 5
Group Name: Takegami-gun Ashigarutai (Foot-Soldiers)
Race: Oni
Attributes: None
Weapon: Kazu-Uchigatana “Koukoga” (Long Katana “Shell Tiger Fang”)
Leader: Devil General Shingen the Savage Tiger
Special Attack: Neppa no Jin (Heatwave Formation)
The low-level troopers of the Takegami Army. Rather than specialize in unique individual techniques, these soldiers are thoroughly trained in executing group battle formations.
Ashigarutai: “Do not break out of formation! Lord Shingen told us that if we keep this pattern we won’t be defeated easily!”

Shingen: “Everyone stand your ground! This is a critical moment!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Kagato apparently aims to be a great samurai in order to help his benefactor Shingen get dominion over all the land!”

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