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IK 009 Takegami-gun Akaboroshuu


 ikki009u Card No.: 一鬼-009
Takegami-gun Akaboroshuu

(Takegami Army Red Guard)

Power Level: 8
Group Name: Takegami-gun Akaboroshuu (the Red Guard)
Race: Oni
Attributes: None
Weapon: Sansasou “Koukosou” (Trident Spear “Shell Tiger Claw”)
Leader: Devil General Shingen the Savage Tiger
Special Attack: Nagiharai (Mowdown)
These mounted warriors are part of Takegami’s elite troops. They freely roam through the battlefield donning their signature red helmet capes.
Akaboroshuu: “Get closer together! Our ‘Super Bullet Express’ attack while in close formation is our specialty! There’s nothing to fear if the enemy goes solo!”

Shingen: “That’s right! There’s no need to answer their requests for one-on-one battle!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“When Kagato was first found and picked up by Shingen and his army, he started off serving Shingen as a page!”

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