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IK 006 Sourin no Shizuna


 ikki006u Card No.: 一鬼-006
Sourin no Shizuna

(Shizuna the Frosty Grove)

Power Level: 12
Full Name: Hishinaga Shizuna
Race: Oni
Attributes: Water, Wood
Weapons: Reiju no Hougyoku (Jewels of the Spirit Tree)
Boss: Devil General Shingen the Savage Tiger
Special Attack: Jueisou (Treeshade Burial)
One of the “Fuurinkazan,” Takegami Clan’s Elite Four Commanders. This sorceress who holds the honorary title of “Hayashi (Forest)” is the smartest strategist in the Takegami Clan’s armada. She usually implements and directs tactics from behind the army ranks, but she also has powerful magic skills.
Shizuna: “The days where one’s own power can decide the fate of battle are long gone! Excellent tactics are the key: those who skillfully guide and control their fleet shall control the war!”

Kagato: “Shizuna-san, my sword is yours to command!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Shizuna is a very resourceful tactician, often coming up with novel ideas that surprise even the genius strategist Shingen!”

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