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IK 005 Senpuu no Ranmaru


 ikki005u Card No.: 一鬼-005
Senpuu no Ranmaru

(Ranmaru the Whirlwind)

Power Level: 12
Full Name: Kazamatsuri Ranmaru
Race: Oni
Attribute: Wind
Weapon: Fuujin no Makimono (Dusty Wind Scrolls)
Boss: Devil General Shingen the Savage Tiger
Special Attack: Senpuushou (Tempest Thrust)
One of the “Fuurinkazan,” Takegami Clan’s Elite Four Commanders. This blindingly quick warrior who holds the honorary title of “Kaze (Wind)” boasts the highest levels of agility in the Takegami Army. A former ninja who hails from a village of shinobi, he is able to execute super-high-class ninjutsu artes typically used only by master ninja.
Ranmaru: “I’m taking up position on the front lines! Looks like I’ll be taking down the most enemies again today! Feeling jealous, Kagato?”

Kagato: “Shut up! I fight with quality, not quantity!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“It seems that Ranmaru and Kagato, who are around the same age, are rivals constantly competing with each other based on attack techniques and distinguishable merits!”

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