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IK 002 Crystal Angel Hikari


 ikki002u Card No.: 一鬼-002
Crystal Angel Hikari

(Suishou Tenshi Hikari)

Power Level: ???
Full Name: Hikari
Race: Deity
Attribute: Omnipotent (All Elements)
Sacred Treasure: Divine Orb
Friend: Shinjou Kagato
Special Attack: Kouki Tenshourin (Celestial Halo of Illumination)
A mysterious girl who lives in Suishou no Tou, the crystal castle tower that stands on a continent floating in the skies above. She is, in fact, the sole goddess that watches over the New World. Hikari is in grief over the world’s current state of constant war, for she despises disputes.
Hikari: “Kagato-san, what do you think of the world as it is now? It makes me sad… Will there ever come a day that is not plagued by the tragedies of war?”

Kagato: “I shall put an end to the conflict! I promise!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“It appears that descending from her Crystal Tower unseen by anyone and secretly playing with the plants and animals on earth is one of Hikari’s few private pleasures!”

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