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IK 001 Shinjou Kagato


 ikki001u Card No.: 一鬼-001
Shinjou Kagato
Power Level: 10
Full Name: Shinjou Kagato
Race: Oni
Attribute: Fire
Weapon: Kiryuutou “Kotetsu” (Demonic Dragon Blade “Tiger Steel”)
Friend: Crystal Angel Hikari
Special Attack: Kienzan (Demonflame Slash)
A young man who serves the Takegami Clan. Having lost his parents and siblings in the war, Kagato wandered the lands as a war orphan until Takegami Shingen found and raised him. Forever grateful to Shingen, Kagato dreams of the day when Shingen becomes King of Shinsekai and a new era of peace is finally realized.
Kagato: “Sorry for startling you… I’m not a dangerous guy, honest. My name’s Kagato, and I’m a warrior in service to the Takegami Clan.”

Hikari: “Hikari… My name is Hikari, Kagato-san.”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“In the middle of a deep forest, Kagato met with a divine girl frolicking with the plants and animals!”

IK EV1 Shinjou Kagato (God Rare Version)

Given out at the Shinra Bansho Grand Festival (3/29/2015) and made available through the Heaven Crystal Replacement Service.
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