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Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Volume 1 Variants

8Pillars PR

There are five other variants of the same card, with the same information on the back. Three of them could be found in regular Shinra Bansho Chocolate packs, the others magazine/store exclusive versions. Each of these have some type of “Mirage” holographic effect, which can’t be reproduced properly in scans.

Mirage Rare


Mirage Rare – Another


Super Mirage Rare


Eight Pillar Piece Challenge Limited Ver.

The “Eight Pillar Piece Challenge” involved entering serial numbers from select cards on – winners could have both P01 Makai Senshi Ark and P02 Seijo Aria mailed to them (in Japan only, of course).

P01 Makai Kenshi Ark (Eight Pillar Piece Challenge Limited Ver.)


P02 Seijo Aria (Eight Pillar Piece Challenge Limited Ver.)


P03 Daimaoh Ark (CoroCoro Limited Metal Red Ver.)


P04 Daimaoh Ark (7-Eleven Limited Greed Color Ver.)


P05 Seitenma Arcana (Circle-K Thanks Limited Ver.)


P06 Seijo Aria (Shinra Banshou Frontier Limited Ver.)


P07 Makenshi Ark (7-Eleven Limited Ver.)


006 Mahou Tsukai Magicko (Circle-K Thanks Priviledge Distribution)

It seems there’s no real difference with the Circle-K version of the card, just that it was distributed at these locations directly.


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Translations by Eis

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